Jeremy Shockey  

"He just has that blend of size and speed and catching ability that's unique. There's only a handful in the NFL that really, truly have that combination. His talent is off the charts."
—Giants quarterback Kerry Collins

“He’s the new breed of tight end. The athleticism of this kid is beyond what people are used to seeing out of that position. This is not the old rumbling, bumbling John Mackey.”
—Northeastern Oklahoma A&M coach Dale Patterson

“There are going to be high expectations, and his biggest problem is probably going to be his relationship with the media.”
—Former Giants tight end Mark Bavaro

“This guy has a motor, there’s an excitement.”
—Giants tight ends coach Mike Pope

“We did not draft a tight end. We drafted a playmaker.”
—Giants GM Ernie Acorsi

"He's the sort of guy who tilts the field. He changes everything."

“I’ve never seen a rookie looked like this in the locker room.”
—Giants head coach Jim Fassel

"He's contagious. The guys on the team love him. They respond to him. Just the way he competes out there — he's a rare breed."

"The best thing about Shockey is he has the opportunity to be himself. He plays football for a city that embraces that. He's the heartbeat of the offense. He inspires the whole team."
—Giants linebacker Michael Barrow

"Everything he's doing, you have to love. He's got a great spirit. You just wish everyone would have the same get-up-and-go he has."
—Giants owner Wellington Mara

"Jeremy makes it look easy because he works at it when no one's looking."
—Giants All-Pro Michael Strahan


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