“I can honestly say that in my time in America, I have not encountered any racism. When Jim Thorpe and I make fun of each other on the range, or even when a white player makes a joke about my color, I take it as what it is—a joke—and give it back accordingly."

"I have this reputation of not wanting to talk to the media, which isn't true. What I don't like—what a lot of us don't understand—is how we can say one thing and it turns up in print as something else."

"I have a lot of friends, in and out of golf, and there is a mutual trust. I'm very serious at the course. Maybe if I joked around more around the press tent, your image of me would be different. But that's not me. And the golf course is my office. If I come up to you when you're writing a story, are you going to drop everything to talk? Or are you going to say you're too busy doing your job?"

"The people who know me, the people who see the passion I have for this game and the respect for it, they know that I don't cut any corners in the way I approach golf."

"Galleries are nice to me. I sign a lot of autographs."

"If I don't like someone, I'll let that person know. I'm not very diplomatic. I understand that."

"Sometimes, we should maybe sit back and look at all we have. It's because of golf and the tour. I mean, this life we lead is unbelievable."

"We're the biggest complainers—it's too hot, it's too windy, the greens are too hard."

"The game is too tough. And the confidence goes fast."

"There are probably guys who could be superstars but aren't because they didn't work at it."

"When they say America is the land of opportunity, it's true. If you work hard, people appreciate you."

“I’d like to have a little better relationship with the media. It’s just that I don’t think the media is comfortable with me.”

“Golf is a passion that will stay with me forever. That’s all I know.”

“You win one and then you win another. You feel more comfortable and more confident, and it snowballs. You can’t wait to get to the next hole and play better.”

"Whenever you're in a position to win, you don't want to let it go."

“I just play the game. I hit a shot and wait for the next guy to hit his. I don’t think between shots—that’s my nature.”

“I want to play golf, practice and not do much else. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I hate going places where you have to yell at someone who is about a foot away from you.”

“It never really crossed my mind that I was ever going to win a major. I always said that if you win a major, that’s fine. If you don’t, you tried your best.”

“I feel my best golf is ahead of me.”

“I’m in good shape, and with the equipment we have now, you can play forever.”

“I've learned so much through life. Starting off in Asia, the cultures, the people you meet, the poverty you see. It's been a great education for me, and I've loved every minute of it.”

“My journey has been a very slow build-up. Each year has been a step upward. I've never actually gone backward.”

“I've won a lot of times with my wife and son here, and I've won solo. I don't think there's a formula for when the come out and when they don't I'm simply happy to win.”

“I'm going to go out and play really hard. If I have another win, it will be icing on the cake. But I don't take anything for granted.”


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