“He’s a wonderful player.”
—2001 British Open champ David Duval

“He’s a great champion, a deserving champion. I think a lot of people misunderstand Vijay. He’s not aloof, but genuine. He doesn’t give you a lot of b.s. Above all, Vijay loves the game and respects the game, and that is evident in his dedication to improving and in the way he conducts himself.”
—Champions Tour star Loren Roberts

“He has an excellent swing. It’s very repeatable, and that’s the secret to golf. He beats so many balls, like Hogan, so that his swing will hold up under pressure.”
—Golf coach Butch Harmon

“Vijay doesn’t go out of his way to be friendly, I think by design.”

“I know and respect him as a good friend, a great family man and the ultimate professional.”
—PGA superstar Ernie Els

“The guys who spend a lot of time on the range become his closest friends. He has always gravitated toward the guys who work the hardest.”
—Champions Tour star Nick Price

“I owe Vijay. His attitude is, ‘As hard as Tiger works, I work harder and I’m going to beat him.’”
—Champions Tour member Jim Thorpe

“Part of his learning process is helping other guys.”
—PGA veteran Lee Janzen

“The way he talks, the way he walks, everything is so under control.”
—European star Justin Rose

“I think the other guys should take some notes, because whatever he’s doing, he’s doing right.”
—Champions Tour star Jay Haas

“To me Vijay’s got the best swing in golf—so balanced, so athletic, so powerful, so effortless. I don’t even know the right adjective. Awesome doesn’t do it justice.”
—PGA veteran Brad Faxon

“He’s got so much talent. It’s fun to watch him swing. Even left-handed, he’s got the same languid, fluid motion.”
—PGA veteran Steve Flesch

“The guy is built like a tight end, and the way his body is holding up, I don’t see him slowing down at all. He’s got the respect of all of us.”
—PGA star David Toms

“He's such a great player when he gets on form. He's playing really good golf, he's got some confidence going. He's going to be a dangerous guy.”
—PGA star Ernie Els

“It's like when Tiger plays well. You want to beat him, but it's good to watch. You're watching history.”
—PGA star Sergio Garcia

“What Vijay did is remarkable. I mean, it's the most underappreciated season of any human being that's ever played the game of golf.”
—PGA star John Daly

“He promotes the game of golf his way. He doesn't do it in words. All he wants to do is hit balls and play golf. He just wants to hold a trophy up on 18 on Sunday like we all do. But he does it in a very quiet manner.”

“He is one of the best friends I’ve ever had.”
—Personal trainer Randy Warren

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