“The more you play, the more you learn—about your swing and about yourself."

"I’ll never be perfect, but I’m a perfectionist."

"The only thing you can control is effort."

"Everyone n this organization can play … I just try to get better each day and work hard."

"I don’t judge people. I just accept them for who they are."

"I like being at the top of the lineup. I like getting the offense going."

"I like hitting leadoff, but you can put me ninth or second or whatever. It’s not about me being comfortable. It’s about the team."

"Everyone wants to make the All-Star Game, but that’s not like a goal I write down in a book."

"I’m just always looking to get the extra base."

"I’m not big on self-reflection. I’m always happy."

"You can never complain about being liked by the fans."

"It’s not enough to play okay and hope that you win. Good teams find a way to win."

"It would have been nice to play quarterback for the Huskies, but I think this situation is better for me."

"I live at the field 12 hours a day. I get there early and leave late. I’m very set in my ways. I’m obsessive about it."

"It’s not a good feeling to be part of the US team that didn’t qualify for the Olympics, but you learn from it."

"I’ll always miss football."

"I’ve gotten interesting letters and proposals and stuff. It still shocks me. Some of these women are crazy!"

"This is the best job in the whole world."

"I want to be a good teammate. I want to win a championship."

"Being at the top of the lineup, that's kind of where I want to be. I want to be the table-setter and try to get on and create for the rest of the guys behind me."

"I don't know if I'd really enjoy acting, maybe directing. It'd be kind of fun to direct."





Grady Sizemore, 2005 Heritage

Grady Sizemore, 2005 Studio


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