“That kid has got it together."
—All-Star Johnny Damon

"Grady is a very good all-around player. He’s on his way to stardom."
—Cubs manager Lou Piniella

"The way he carries himself, he acts like he has been here for ten years."
—Former Indians star Rick Manning

"He’s a tremendous ball player, and he’s still learning."
—Former teammate Jose Hernandez

"Whether he hits a shot to the gap or a ground ball to second, he runs full speed…you don’t have to remind him how the game is supposed to be played."
—Former All-Star Robby Thompson

"I’m very impressed by him—Grady is very good and he’s going to lead that team."
—NBA superstar LeBron James

"He’s going to be a good player … He already IS a good player."
—Red Sox manager Terry Francona

"His approach is what separates him from other players. We knew Grady had talent, but what we couldn’t know is the maturity, focus and poise he would bring so soon."
—Indians GM Mark Shapiro

"He's without a doubt one of the greatest players of our generation."

"Sizemore is more about humility than hype."
—Sportswriter Alan Schwarz

"Grady is what every boy in America should grow up to be."
—Indians coach Derek Shelton

"I wish you could bottle what what he has and give it to every guy you draft."

"A pitcher is going to have to work his you-know-what off to beat him."
—Indians manager Eric Wedge

"Grady doesn't play with any fear."

"What matters to me is the consistency he brings to the ballpark every day and how he handles things."

"I think he's somehow flown under the radar, because I look at him as very much an impact player."
—All-Star Curt Schilling

"You've got to start at the top with Grady. He's the one that gets everything going."
—Red Sox ace Josh Beckett

"We still see him as our little Grady—sometimes it’s hard to grasp that he’s out there on the field."
—Grady's father

"Three words to describe my brother? Laid. Back. Dude."
—Grady's brother Corey

"He’s one of the better people I know in sports, and one of the better people, period."
—Grady's agent Joe Urbon


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