Martin St. Louis  

"On every level I have played I've heard, `Am I going to perform or not because of my size?' I think I have proved to people I can perform regardless of how big I am."

"Why would I want four or five more inches? I use my speed."

"I feel more comfortable confidence-wise. You get to the NHL, and you're nervous about trying things. With experience, you're not as afraid of being creative."

“Sometimes offensive players get turned into defensive players, which sometimes isn't a bad thing, but for me I need a chance to play more offense."

“I don’t back away from hits.”

“It’s something an athlete has to deal with, and when you have success, you have to deal with the media more. I know I will answer some of the same questions I have answered in the past.”

“I’ve spent every game I’ve ever played making sure I’m out-working the other guy.”

“The biggest thing I have learned is you can’t take anything for granted. You have to work as hard as you can every night, regardless.”

“You want to be the guy who makes an impact in every game. In this sport it’s all about results—winning games and making the playoffs.”

“I don’t know WHEN I’ll be big enough to play!”


Martin St. Louis, 2004 Be A Player

Martin St. Louis, 2003 Pacific


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