t’s about efficiency and getting the most out of my body that I can.”

“The more torque I can come up with, the better.”

“People out there said I was too small. It's those kinds of moments that pushed me to be where I'm at right now.”

“I'm close to six feet, I like to think.”

“I haven't always thrown hard, but eventually my (velocity) caught up with my mechanics.”

“It kind of gives everybody else out there who is not a big person the motivation and the inspiration that they know they can do it, too.”

"I threw a lot more curveballs in college and the minor leagues. Up here, they're looking for that pitch. A curveball is more recognizable out of the hand than a fastball or changeup. They're taking them or hitting the mistakes I make with them. I don't want it to be so recognizable. I'll have to work with that because that was my pitch."

"I've gone from a two-pitch guy to a four-pitch guy."

"My father—he pretty much taught me everything I know. He still pushes me to be the best I can."

"Since baseball is my favorite sport, it's easy to go out and do what I do."

"To be up there and do what I've done means the world."

"I never could have seen this happening growing up. You try to put in the hard work and do the good things necessary to put yourself in this position.

"Nobody wants to lose. But I don't care what my win-loss record is. At the end of the day, I don't look at it."

"I've always looked at myself and criticized myself first, and that's the way I'm always going to be."

"Having a fast team like we do can put pressure on pitchers, and I think that's kind of how we want to play."

"Being on a team like this, with everybody playing for one another, you just strive to be better.


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Tim Lincecum,
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