“In my 13 years in the big leagues, this is the only guy I’ve seen who is worth the hype. The first one.”
—Former teammate Rich Aurilia

“He’s an easy kid to root for. He’s going to great for this game.”

“He has the talent and the ability.”
—Home Run King Barry Bonds

“If he's going to be in the big leagues a long time, he needs to pitch the game that got him here. I don't think he needs to change anything.”
—Former teammate Benji Molina

“He has power equipment with a curveball as good as it gets. He has now stuff—it's technique and athletic ability. He's also blessed with a really loose arm. He can stick it behind his back and still get to the top of the ball and still have explosive arm action. A lot of guys can't do that.”
—Giants scouting director Dick Tidrow

“Everybody's talking like this is some strange delivery. He's just a wiry kid out there using his body to throw the baseball, which is easier on the arm. To me, that's the way you're supposed to throw.”
—Giants pitching coach Dave Righetti

“He's a miniature [Jim] Palmer. Great athlete, leans his head back, same arm action.”

“The way Timmy competes, it picks up the whole ballclub. He's used to powering his way through lineups, but now you see him pitching more. He picks up things so fast and makes the adjustments. That's what you need at this level, and he's shown he can do it at an early age.”
—Giants manager Bruce Bochy

“He's not in awe of anything. Sometimes I wonder if he knows who's up there.”

“He’s got some of the nastiest stuff I’ve ever seen.”
—All-Star Hunter Pence

“As an infielder, you rarely get involved when he pitches.”
—Former teammate Kevin Frandsen

“He's a freak of nature. To have that kind of athletic ability, those mechanics and the sheer strength he has -- with his stature -- is just unheard of.”
—Giants GM Brian Sabean

“He has great stuff with a lot of pitches, and easily is the best player I've coached in 15 years here.”
—Washington baseball coach Ken Knutson

“His velocity comes from his hips.”
—Giants announcer Mike Krukow

“Deep down inside, Lincecum is an old-school baseball guy, Bob Gibson in skater-dude motif.”
—Sportswriter Tim Keown

Rich Aurilia,
2002 Upper Deck Vintage



Dave Righetti, 1990 Donruss



Hunter Pence, 2008 Heritage

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