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  • PGA Tour    
  • Height: 6' 1"
• Weight: 185 • Born: 12/30/75
  • By age three, Tiger could consistently hit the ball out of sand traps.
  • As a child at the driving range, Tiger often pointed out the swing flaws of adult golfers.
  • Tiger credits his fine hand and finger control to years of playing video games as a kid. The games also helped him overcome fear of failure.
  • When Tiger began working with Butch Harmon, he could not afford many one-on-one sessions. Instead, he received tips from his coach via phone, fax, and videotape. 
  • Between the ages of 16 and 17, Tiger grew so quickly that he had to change club lengths twice.
  • After less than three months of college golf, Tiger ascended to the #1 NCAA ranking.
  • Prior to his first appearance at the Masters, in 1995, Tiger received a telegram of congratulations from Charlie Sifford. Sifford, an African-American golfing legend, was never invited to play the course.
  • After the second round of the 1995 Masters, Tiger gave a clinic to some black children from the area. When they asked if an African-American would ever win the Masters he not only said, "Yes." He guaranteed it.
  • After Tiger skipped the 1996 dinner at which he was to receive the award for top college golfer, he personally wrote 200 letters of apology to the guests.
  • Before Tiger won the Masters in 1997, the worst first-round front nine a champion had ever shot was a 38. Tiger shot a 40 and recovered to win.
  • Tiger has played on America’s Ryder Cup team since 1997. If there is one hole in his golfing resume, it is his performance in this competition. Time and again, he has failed to deliver the dramatic victories he does on the pro tour.
  • Tiger credits his friend and neighbor Mark O’Meara with teaching him how to manage a round when he was a young pro. O’Meara beat Tiger by a stroke at the 1998 British Open.
  • Eli speaks with Peyton once a week.
  • Tiger broke the PGA scoring record in 1999, and then broke his own mark in 2000.
  • Tiger’s six straight wins in 1999–2000 tied Ben Hogan for the second-longest streak in history.
  • At a 2000 tournament in Thailand, Tiger was offered Thai citizenship. He politely turned the offer down.
  • Tiger’s 272 at the 2000 U.S. Open tied Jack Nicklaus for the lowest score ever at this event.
  • At the age of 24, Tiger completed a career Grand Slam, winning the Masters (1997), PGA (1999), U.S. Open (2000) and British Open (2000). Only Gary Player, Gene Sarazen, Nicklaus and Hogan had done this before him.
  • In 2001, Tiger wrote a book entitled How I Play Golf. It sold more than 1.5 million copies.
  • In 2006, Tiger became the youngest golfer to reach 50 victories. He was 30 years and seven months.
  • Tiger had only three bogeys during the 2006 PGA Championship, tying a record for major tournaments.
  • Tiger sank an amazing 90-foot putt in the first round of the 2007 British Open.
  • In 2007, Tiger became only the second golfer after Sam Snead to win five or more events in eight different seasons. He made it nine seasons in 2009 to own the record by himself.
  • Tiger was named Athlete of the Decade by the Associated Press for the first 10 years of the 21st century.
  • In 2006, Tiger launched Tiger Woods Design, which builds golf courses. As of 2010, the company was developing projects in Mexico, Dubai and North Carolina.
  • In 2010, Tiger donated $3 million to Haitian earthquake relief.
  • Tiger’s older half-brother from his dad’s previous marriage—Earl Jr.—has a daughter, Cheyenne, who has won more than two dozen amateur golf tournaments and currently plays for the Wake Forest golf team.
  • Tiger owns a 150-foot yacht called Privacy.





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