“It always is a honor to represent your country in international competition.”

"It's not all about shooting. That's such a small part of my game, but that's what people focus on the most. I just try to do the little things.”

"When you go through a long season, you have ups and downs. The way you react and respond will determine how well you do the rest of the year.”

“It’s hard for me to be positive when we get a loss.”

“I’m not going to change on the court, that’s just the way I play whether I’m a rookie or an 18-year veteran. I just go out there and compete.”

“Whether it’s college or WNBA, its basketball and the more you play the less you need to adjust.”

“The fans in Connecticut are just one of a kind. Not to take away from the fans of any other sport in any other country, but the fans in Connecticut are just diehard fans that you don’t get very often and you don’t see very often.”

“Choosing an agent is like picking a college. They give you a pitch, you hear what they’ve got to say, you hear what they’re going to do for you. Ultimately it’s a good gut reaction.”

"Every generation has their own great players. Who's to say that anyone's better than Cheryl Miller or Nancy Lieberman? Whose anyone to say Michael Jordan is better than Oscar Robertson or Magic Johnson or Larry Bird? Every generation has its great player. There's never going to be one player that's so above and beyond anyone else."

"When something good happens on the court, I'll be the first one to let you know. I wear my emotions on my sleeve."

“I'm not afraid of anyone. I'm not shy about anything. Not even my big nose."

''You can't concentrate on the misses. If you get good shots, you've got to take them. If you don't, you hurt the team."





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