“He's an incredibly talented player, he's a great teammate and the best is yet to come. He's only getting better. It's pretty scary."
—Former teammate Michael Young

"How far he goes and what he becomes is still to be determined. He's beginning to establish himself as one of the bright young stars of the game."
—Rangers GM John Hart

"He's a normal guy who, if you didn't know that he played baseball, you would think he was a big guy who was probably captain of the debate team or running for congressman, or something like that.
—Former teammate David Dellucci

"Some of the guys wondered if he was Superman sometimes. There’s no doubt that he’s on a short list of the best players that anybody has ever seen."
—USA Baseball coach Mike Gillespie

"He was a tough out when he came up. He's become even a tougher out with experience. The way he swings the bat from both sides of the plate, it's a tough combination to defend."
—Angels manager Mike Scioscia

"I think he’s among the top four guys in major league baseball when it comes to playing first base."
—Veteran coach Steve Smith

"Mark has a chance to become a Gold Glove winner at first base."
—Former Rangers manager Buck Showalter

"Mark’s been pretty special since he started his career as a Ranger."

"What can you say? He’s one of the real good ones."
—Sports radio host Mike Francessa

"He's really turned into a complete hitter."
—Angels ace John Lackey

"Winning right away was important to him."
—Scott Boras

"He’s an explosion waiting to happen."
—Clemson coach Jack Leggett

"Mark is one of those guys that makes everyone better when he’s in there."
—Georgia Tech coach Danny Hall

"The guy does not have a weakness in baseball, or his character, makeup, competitiveness or drive."

"I'll take my chances with him every day in the lineup."
—Yankees manager Joe Girardi

"We know Tex is right where he needs to be."
—Teammate Nick Swisher

"Teixeira turned out to be so much better than any of us thought he would be."
—Sports Radio host Mike Francesa


Michael Young,
2004 Upper Deck


Mike Scioscia, 1987 Fleer


John Lackey, 2008 Heritage

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