“He's one of the toughest outs—if not the toughest—on their team.”
—Cy Young Award Winner Brandon Webb

"What people don’t realize is how good he is defensively…he keeps getting better and better.”
—Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez

“He’s not flashy, but he’s steady … he’s a grinder.”

“He’s a gamer. He’s a hard worker. He’s got an explosive bat.”
—Former Marlins manager Joe Girardi

"He’s one of those guys who will run through a wall for you.”

"“He just tries to hit the ball hard and hit it far, almost like a softball player.”
—Veteran big leaguer Luis Gonzalez

"He’s a run-producer.”

“He’s a strong son of a gun.”
—Former big leaguer Jim Presley

“I'm not going to say he doesn't have an approach, but the approach of swing-hard-in-case-you-hit-it is working.”
—Veteran big leaguer Will Ohman

"I said there was something special about this guy, and I wouldn't want to lose him.”
—Former big leaguer Wally Backman

“In retrospect, we undervalued him.”
—Diamondbacks executive Josh Byrnes

“His caveman approach to the most intellectual of sports might put the ugh in Uggla, but the results are beyond reproach.”
—Sportswriter Michael Farber



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