Brian Urlacher  

“He’s definitely one of those guys you have to be aware where he’s at all the time.”
—49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia

“He does so many things and so many things well.”
—New Mexico coach Rocky Long

“I think he’s the best football player I’ve ever seen.”
—Former New Mexico teammate Sean Stein

“He’s a phenomenal athlete. He loves to play the game. In terms of tackling ability, he’s one of the best.”
—Redskins vice president of football operations Vinny Cerrato

“He’s going to carry a team on his back some day. Why do I say that? Because of his skills and the type of person he is.”
—Former Chiefs head coach Gunther Cunningham

“You watch him play and he’s all over the place.”
—Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

“He’s thoughtful, considerate, calls when he’s supposed to, is an amazing father and spoils me rotten. And he doesn’t have a temper.”
—Brian’s wife Laurie

“He’s the most amazing athlete I’ve ever seen.”
—Brian’s personal trainer Erik Pedersen

“He might be the fastest thing on two wheels at his position in the league."
—Teammate Bryan Robinson

“You never see him coming. Then he flies out of nowhere and crumbles some poor fool.”
—NFL veteran Eric “Big Cat” Williams

“Brian was born with certain physical tools, which you certainly can’t teach, but his attitude is really what makes him special.”
—Bears head coach Dick Jauron

“Dick Butkus personifies what the Bears were and are. I think Brian Urlacher is a prototype of what people hope they will be in the future.”
—Chargers defensive coordinator Dale Lindsey

“To him, the game of football is like the game he played when he was five-, ten-years-old.”
—Bears defensive coordinator Greg Blache

“I think Urlacher is one of the all-time best players we’ve played against.”
—Packers head coach Mike Sherman

“He’s a monster. He’s as good as you’re going to see.”
—Patriots center Damien Woody

“There’s a few linebackers I really respect, and he’s one of them.”
—Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas


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