“We're focusing on what we need to do. The only attention we're thinking about is giving each other the attention that we need as a team, and making sure that everyone in here knows how they important they are to our success.”

“Immediately after games, we're talking about what we need to do for the next game. We're not satisfied in the moment that we're in.”

“Our goal is to be the best team in the NBA at the end of the year.”

“An athlete needs to read situations before they happen.”

“I realize that you have to be careful sometimes what you wish for.”

“You’ve got to respect the game and you’ve got to respect what the people that have played have done for the game.”

“I love football. I’ll watch the NFL before I watch any NBA.”

“I like to be in the gym working on different stuff by myself—just me and nobody else. That’s when I get a lot done. I’m the type of player who goes off the dribble, and that’s when I make up moves or try to imitate moves I’ve seen.”

“I think that work has been the key for me. Just like they say shooting will become easy if you just keep working at it, well, I love the dribble game—that brings excitement to the game.”

“Shooting is a lost art, but nobody wants to see nobody shoot all day. You want to see somebody break somebody off the dribble. That’s today game, and that’s what I try to do.”

“I’ve stuck by being modest, honest and humble, because I think you’ll get more appreciated that way and we all want to be appreciated in this world.”

“My name is very important to me. I’m representing the Wade name. I’ve got the name on the back of my jersey when I play. I walk around with that name. That’s my family name, the name my son will grow up with. So it’s very important to me to keep the level of maturity that I have.”

“I’m a firm believer in God and I don’t think he’d want me acting a certain way.”

“When I got my first check I was thinking my mother and father didn’t make this probably in their lifetime. It’s real amazing that some of us are just blessed.”

“I got known worldwide in a short period of time just because Shaq said so many nice things about me.”

“Being a leader is one thing I’ve never felt comfortable with. It’s not my nature.”

“I’m a competitor.”

“People are still trying to figure out who I am. Most people just say I play the game the right way.”

“My will is to always be better and better and better. I’ve got the will to want to be the best.”

“You have to remember that you only want to use your dunks at the right time. If you do it at the right time, you can wake up everybody and change the whole momentum of the game. It can get the crowd up, get your teammates up. It can wake up yourself, too, if you’re not shooting well.”

“I'm just a kid in a candy store right now, trying to have fun. I'm getting a chance to show my ability and my talent.”

“I would love to retire in a Heat uniform. I’m not saying that for fans. I’m saying it because it’s the truth.”

“I'm going forward with my plans for life. I'm looking at things not only basketball-wise, but personal-wise.”

“I like playing against LeBron more than anybody else in the league. He brings out the best in me, and I bring out the best in him.”

“I want to continue to take steps forward.”

“We got the Big Three, and now we've got to continue to build our team.”

“The locker room has to be right. We've got to be patient to build this team.”


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