“He’s an intelligent basketball player and a fast learner. His unselfishness and understanding of the team concept are what makes him great.”
—Legendary coach Pat Riley

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths that you take but by the moments that take your breath away. That’s what Dwyane is about.”

“Dwyane Wade can play with the best of them.”
—Former Marquette teammate Travis Diener

“Dwyane is flash when he needs to be, but he also has a ton of substance. He does all the important things that don’t show up in a box score.”
—Indiana head coach Tom Crean

“Dwyane Wade is the perfect amalgam of class, professionalism—and obscurity.”
—Writer and broadcaster Stephen A. Smith

“D-Wade has the potential to be a better player than anyone I ever played with. I’m talking about being a shooter, a defender and someone with an all-around game. And a good guy along with it.”
—All-Star Shaquille O’Neal

“I knew Flash was good. He’s just gooder than I thought.”

“This guy is on the same side of the moon, he’s on the same planet I’m on.”

"I feel good because this kid did it the right way; he went to college, he's humble and it's not all show for him.”

“His continuation when going to the hoop is the best I’ve ever seen.”
—Former Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan

“He’s very young and you see that the upside is incredible.”
—All-Star Tim Duncan

“Even though he scores it, he has the right balance of scoring and passing.”
—NBA veteran Richard Jefferson

“The thing he has over most young players is that he’s able to make adjustments.”
—Former Heat head coach Stan Van Gundy

“He’s not just one of the guys basketball needs. He’s one of the guys all of pro sports needs. He acts the way you’re supposed to act.”
—Van Gundy

“Wade creates moments that make you forget you’re a coach.’
—Van Gundy

“He’s special. There’s not an area in this game that he does not excel in and there’s not a possession that goes by that he doesn’t want to get better.”
—Veteran coach Larry Brown

“For his age, it just amazes me how professional he is and how dedicated he is and how much he understands the game.”
—Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich

“He really knows how to play the game and he’s going to give you everything that he has every drill, every scrimmage. He’s very attentive and he’s the kind of guy that anybody would love to have on their basketball team.”

“He’s a true point guard, and he’s explosive. He’s going to keep getting better because he works at it.”
—All-Star LeBron James

“Me and D-Wade are always competing.”

“Dwyane is one of the quickest guys in the league. He is a lot faster and quicker in the half court with the ball than LeBron. He can kind of work his way into different creases.”
—All-Star Chris Bosh

“Dwyane is a special player, he really is. I've said this so many times, he just figures it out.”
—Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra

“Dwyane and I have been together for a long time, a long time. We've been through basically everything.”

“He’s a guy that I think learns something every day. Being a little bit like a sponge is good for him. He has a tremendous savvy for the game.”
—North Carolina head coach Roy Williams

“This is a special, special kid. The main thing overlooked about him is his knowledge of the game. With all his talent, he’s always playing it the right way. Guys love to play with people like that.”
—NBA veteran Damon Jones

“He’s a special talent. Not only is he gifted, he’s very mature and unselfish.”
—Former NBA head coach Mike Fratello

“There are lots of guys in this league who can get to the rim, but Dwyane has the strength to finish.”
—Former NBA head coach Bernie Bickerstaff

“Flash has got the hard body, the grown-man body.”
—Former teammate Keyon Dooling

“He's able to make plays that other guys just can't make.”

“He’s on the verge of being a very special player.”
—Broadcaster Mike Breen


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