“For Kurt to step up in the Super Bowl the way he did was hugef.”
—Former teammate Marshall Faulk

"I had heard a lot about Kurt, but there were also some skeletons in his closet from having fumbles and turnovers.”
—Cardinals head coach Ken Wisenhunt

“Kurt Warner, to me, could handle more under pressure than any player I've ever been on the field with.”
—Former Rams head coach Dick Vermeil

“He's very loyal to this team and his teammates, and he fits in like one of the guys, which is very important on any successful team.”
—Former teammate Ernie Conwell

"He has seen everything.”
—Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo

"Kurt’s the most grounded person you’ll ever meet.”
—Former teammate Todd Lyght

"We’re both competitive, but the good thing is we’re able to put that part of it aside.”
—Teammate Matt Leinart

“Warner’s become the patron saint for every free agent beating football's bush leagues.”
—Sportswriter Mat Edelson

“The more abuse Warner's throwing hand takes, the less likely his passes will go exactly where he wants them to—like they once did.”
—Sportswriter Dan Pompei


Marshall Faulk, 2001 Stadium

Todd Lyght, 1991 Classic

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