Vernon Wells  

“If it’s hanging in the air, he’s going to catch it.”
—Teammate and 2003 Cy Young winner Roy Halladay

“He's so fluid, you don't really get the effect of how good he is.”
—Blue Jays Manager Carlos Tosca

“He’s got the potential to be the best centerfielder in the league.”

“Everybody gets excited when he makes those catches, but he does that nearly every day.”
—Blue Jays coach John Gibbons

“Vernon is the game’s next superstar.”
—Teammate Carlos Delgado

“Every day he does something special.”

“Every time a ball’s hit out there, I’m screaming, ‘We’ve got a hawk out there, we’ve got a hawk out there. He’ll get you!”
—Teammate Orlando Hudson

“This guy can hurt you with a home run, double, bunt, a great play in the outfield, his arm—you don’t see many guys like him with all those plus tools.”
—Expos coach Luis Dorante

"He's a better guy than he is an athlete." 
—Vernon's father



Roy Halladay, 2003 Fleer Tradition

Orlando Hudson, 2002 Topps 206


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