Ricky Williams  

  • After the 2003 season, Ricky sheared off his dredlocks and began featuring a clean-shaven look.
  • Ricky says he wants to teach elementary school after his playing days are over.
  • Ricky’s body is decorated with a variety of tattoos. Among his favorites are ones of Mighty Mouse and the Gemini sign.
  • One of Ricky’s biggest fans at Texas was actor Matthew McConaughey, a 1993 graduate. McConaughey bought a $50,000 luxury suite at Memorial Stadium before the 1998 season.
  • Ricky is not married, but has two children. Prince lives with him. Marley, a girl, lives with her mother in Boston.
  • Ricky went to his trademark dreadlocks in high school, after he was introduced to the music of Bob Marley. Over the years plenty of people, including Earl Campbell, have advised him to go with a new look, but he refuses every time.
  • Ricky finished his career at Patrick Henry High School with 4,129 yards rushing and 55 TDs.
  • Ricky graduated from Texas with 20 NCAA records, including all-purpose yards (7,206), highest average per carry (6.2), rushing touchdowns (72), and total touchdowns (75). His mark of 6,279 rushing yards stood until Wisconsin’s Ron Dayne broke it in 1999.
  • Ricky is the only running back to claim the Doak Walker Award two years in a row. He honored the legendary runner in 1998 by wearing Walker’s No. 37 in Texas’ 34-3 romp over Oklahoma.
  • Ricky’s favorite movie is "The Princess Bride."
  • In May of 2002, Ricky kicked off National Mental Health Awareness Month, joining Terry Bradshaw in New York City for a presentation entitled "Overcoming Depression and Anxiety."


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