Ricky Williams  

“Giving up something you love to do is never an easy choice, and I respect Ricky for the thought he has put into this.”
—Jim Brown, NFL Hall of Famer

“He is very analytical and intelligent. He understands football.”
—Dolphins offensive coordinator Norv Turner

“He has unusually high intelligence. People don’t realize how bright he is.”
—Former Texas coach John Mackovic

“He’s big and thick and very quick for a guy his size. Defensive backs and linebackers don’t want to hit a big back running full speed, even if they say they do.”
—Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson

“Ricky gives us star power.”
—Dolphins teammate Mark Dixon

“He plays hurt, he has an amazing work ethic, and he’s a strong with a good burst of speed.”
—Nebraska head coach Frank Solich

“Defenses fear Ricky, and that helps us all.”
—Dolphins teammate Rob Konrad

“Ricky is a hard runner, a slasher, a move-the-chains guy.”
—Texans GM Charley Casserly


Eric Dickerson, 1984 Topps


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