Dontrelle Willis  

“If you don’t like Dontrelle, you don’t like people.”
—Teammate Brad Penny

“His presence on the mound is exceptional for his age.”
—Broadcaster Steve Stone

“Dontrelle’s the best pitcher I’ve ever seen.”
—Former Marlin Cliff Floyd

“He’s going to be special, because he has that hunger in him where he wants to be better every year.”
—Teammate Mike Redmond

“Every ballpark he goes to, there are probably seven writers who want to talk to him. And every radio station and every TV station. It reaches the point where you say, ‘Wait a second. Time out. Can I breathe?‘”
—1976 A.L. Rookie of the Year Mark Fidrych

“Dontrelle is very special.”
—Marlins President David Samson

“He reminds me a little of Fernando Valenzuela and a little bit of Juan Marichal with the head movement and the leg kick.”
—Broadcaster Jim Kaat

“A pitcher’s motion is his own fingerprint, and you have to let him create his own identity. I’m happy to see the Marlins have done that.”

“He’s an F-ing lunatic out there. He’s wonderful.”
—Teammate A.J. Burnett

“There’s a charm about him, that joy of being there. He has all the makings of a star.”
—Broadcaster Tim McCarver

“It’s refreshing to see a guy so in awe of the big leagues, with such charisma.”
—Former teammate Derrek Lee

“I think he’s a little more advanced than me as far as pitching talent goes. I was more of a chucker than a pitcher. The sky’s the limit for him.”
—1971 A.L. MVP Vida Blue

“He’s very mature. His attention to detail, work ethic and attitude are there every day.”
—Marlins Farm Director Marc Del Piano



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