“I love being a Met. It was my favorite team growing up, so to be a Met to me is very special.”

“I’m very confident in what I do, but I’d like to think I don’t ever show any kind of cockiness or overconfidence.”

“I don’t care how much I’m talked about or hyped. It’s still up to me to go out and perform.”

“I’m always looking to improve. And every year I want to do better than the year before."

“I’m very modest. I know that baseball is a very humbling game.”

“To me, the fun part of hitting is the thinking part. It’s the game within the game.”

“Whether you have a great game or a terrible game, tomorrow’s another day and you’ve got to come out here and compete.”

“There’s a lot more to playing in the big leagues in New York than just the baseball part.”

“I take positives out of negatives all the time.”

“In my opinion you can’t ever get used to losing.”

“I just want to taste what it’s like to win in New York.”

“I’m always looking to improve. And every year I want to do better than the year before."

“People say there's a lot of pressure here, but that's what I live for.”

“I don't know if I'd ever had sushi before I came here, but in New York, every other place is a sushi restaurant.”

“We feel like were going to go out there and win the National League East and go deep in the playoffs and win the World Series.”

“Most of my friends are people I've known since I was a kid. I don't have an entourage or anything.”

“I want to win a World Series. I couldn't care less about MVP.”

“Baseball is the reason I have my apartment, baseball is the reason I'm on the cover of video game. Baseball is what I do.”

“I think that the organization did a phenomenal job in developing me, preparing me and I feel like if I can go out there and lead by example for the most part that guys will follow.”

“I take great pride in going out there and playing through pain.”

“It’s such a numbers game, and it’s such a result-oriented game that you want to go out there and produce individually, but sometimes it kind of hurts you when you’re going out there and chasing those hits instead of having that game plan and going out there and having good at bats.”

“I have to give credit to th- front office, to this new front office regime that’s come in. They’ve come in with a plan they seem to be sticking to their guns—whether it’s the popular choice or the trendy choice—but they’re going to stick to their guns, they’re going to try to accomplish a goal.”

“When you don’t win I think you have to evaluate everybody.”

“We understand there will be ups and downs, especially with a young team. Each day we're getting better and better and a lot of these guys are learning on the fly, learning on the job. The more experience and at-bats they get, the better they'll get. We're kind of scratching the surface of what we're capable of.”

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