"That’s where our money is. Yolanda is our heart.”
—Teammate Chelsea Newton

“Yolanda is relentless is anything she does.”

“Yo deserved this more than anybody. She’s come so far, and we’ve all worked so hard. This is for everybody, but it’s for her.’
—Teammate Ticha Penicheiro

“Yo’s a great player. She always has been.”
—WNBA veteran Taj McWilliams-Franklin

“Yolanda, for her size, is quick and agile. She is a great ball handler, a great rebounder with great hands. She is not one- or two-dimensional. Yolanda can do so many things well.”
—Former ABL coach Maura McHugh

“People don’t make sacrifices for their kids much any more. So Yolanda’s dedication to her daughter shows you she definitely has her priorities in the right spot.”

“She’s always had the drive to be the best, even as a child.”
—Sister Cynthia Merritt



Ticha Pneicheiro, 1999 SI for Kids


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