Carlos Zambrano  

“Big Z? He’s legit, man, he’s legit."
—Cy Young winner Greg Maddux

"He has passion for a game. He wants to learn. He wants to be out there."

"Carlos is not afraid of anything."
—Former teammate Damian Miller

"When you add velocity like he has to the movement he has, that’s the equation for his success."
—Teammate Michael Barrett

"He understands that when he’s on the mound, he’s his own worst enemy. As long as he stays focused, he can dominate a game."

"He’s pitched in big games down the stretch and pitched well."
—Teammate Kerry Wood

"If he doesn’t have some of the best stuff in the National League, I don’t know who does."
—Padres ace Jake Peavy

"He wants to be out there. That’s one reason, I think, he’s so good—to go along with his good stuff."
—Cubs coach Bruce Kimm

"His stuff was as good as I’ve seen from a young player."
—Former Cubs manager Don Baylor

"He has great talent, has an outstanding attitude and he’s really learned some of the fruits of hard work."
—Cubs manager Dusty Baker

"The guy’s still learning, and he’s learning rather quickly."

"I don’t think he’s throwing as hard as he can."
—Teammate Henry Blanco

"At 19, in the Midwest League, he was throwing 95 in the ninth inning."
—Cubs GM Jim Hendry

"He still has to learn that fine line between showing emotion and showing someone up."
—Sportswriter Paul Sullivan



Greg Maddux,
2003 Upper Deck Vintage

Jake Peavy, 2003 Upper Deck MVP


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