“When you face Barry, you know you have to keep the game close.”
—Former big leaguer pitcher Aaron Sele

“He’s your typical lefthander.”
—Former teammate Jason Giambi

““He’s a smart person who wants to get smarter. And really, how many people can you say that about?”
—Former teammate Erik Hiljus

“He sees himself as one of the best pitchers in the game.”
—Pitching coach Rick Peterson

"He's constantly bombarding himself with the mental part of the game. Everybody's trying to get a mental edge, but he takes it to another level."
—Former teammate Time Hudson

"He throws strikes and dares you to hit it, and because you have to wait so long for that curve, it makes his fastball that much faster."
—Former Yankees and Dodgers manager Joe Torre

“He is Aristotle with a fastball.”
—Sportswriter Steve DiMeglio

“His curve ball ... it jelly-legs you.”
—All-Star Jim Thome

“I look forward to him leading this staff.”
—Giants manager Bruce Bochy

“Look at his track record. He hasn't missed a start in the past six years.”
—Giants Owner Peter Magowan

“Does he want to pitch till he’s 45 or 47 More power to him—but it does get harder as you get old.”
—Veteran pticher Jamie Moyer


Aaron Sele, 1992 Bowman



Jim Thome, 1991 Classic Best

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