— November 27 —

Ivan Rodriguez was born
on this day in 1971.

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Why devote your life to a sport unless you honestly feel you can be the greatest player ever? This is the philosophy Lauren Jackson subscribes to. The cat-quick power forward of the Seattle Storm has been top dog in every league she has ever joined, and is now staking her claim on this distinction in the WNBA. The trash-talking, tattooed, pierced-tongue Aussie may not be the girl you bring home to mom, but make no mistake: Lauren is one tough mother with a basketball in her hands. This is her story…
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2003 WNBA Fleer Ultra Set
Lauren Jackson, Sue Bird and the rest of the Seattle Storm highlight this set.

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RUSH TO JUDGMENT: The Simeon Rice Story
examines the complex world of big-time sports through the eyes of a superstar who has seen it all and done it all on his way to the top of the NFL food chain.

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