“I’m the best. That’s why I’m so relaxed out there. You’ve got to have some arrogant bones in your body, especially to be a pitcher in the big leagues.”

“You get too many guys out there that are soft and don’t have the mentality.”

“Any strikeout record worth having is in a Texas pitcher’s pocket. I might come join them one day.”

“I think it’s bush league to read about yourself, really.”

“Pitching is pitching. I’ve been doing this since I was eight-years-old, playing in my backyard with my dad. The things that work in Double-A will also work in the majors.”

“I’m in the big leagues now, and I’m ready to take the next step.”

“The thing about throwing a fastball is, you want it to be easy, you want it to be effortless.”

“I’ve definitely always wanted to be the guy they tell, ‘Here’s the ball. Go do it.’”

“I want to be that good. I want to be Barry Bonds. I want when I pitch to be 'Win Day.' I want my teammates to relax on the days I pitch because they know they only have to get us a couple of runs. I'm totally prepared for that.''

“I'm confident in myself, either way. I've pitched big games all my life.”

“I make too much money to play a game I love to ever feel sorry for myself.”

“There are no days off in our division. Even a team like Tampa Bay can beat you up.”


Josh Beckett,
2003 Upper Deck Standing O



Josh Beckett,
2002 Topps Heritage

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