“Eli’s not big on sports history or statistics. He truly just likes to play and doesn’t worry about all the other stuff.”
—Archie Manning

"He's done what he can do to help us win, and he's coming into himself and the type of quarterback he's going to be for the rest of his career.”
—Teammate Brandon Jacobs

"Two hundred and twenty-eight countries just saw Eli. I don't have to say anything.”

“He is an impressive player. I think he has a chance to be something special.”
—Broadcaster Boomer Esiason

“You can’t spell elite without E-L-I.”
—Pro Bowl teammate Justin Tuck

“Eli doesn't talk a lot, but Eli's a tough dude.”
—Former teammate Gey Ruegamer

"He's going to be a great quarterback for a long time in this league.”
—Pro Bowler Michael Strahan

"I don't think Eli's trying to win anybody over in this locker room. We've had faith in him since he took over the reins.”
—Former teammate Shaun O'Hara

"The standards for him are very high. The city asks a lot of him. That's the nature of the New York audience.”
—Giants offensive coach Kevin Gilbride

“He leads by example. When he speaks, they listen.”
—Giants head coach Tom Coughlin

“He has really taken control of the game, control of himself, control of the offense.”

"He makes decisive decisions, he makes them quick and he gets rid of the ball. You love to see that in a young quarterback.”
—Hall of Famer Dan Marino

“Eli has what I call ‘fast-twitch’ mental fibers. He has great football-thinking ability. He has instant recall and is able to use it. In that three to five seconds of play, he can have 45 seconds worth of thoughts go through his head.”
—Former Ole Miss head coach David Cutcliffe

“I’ve never coached a player who has so much fun just being out there playing the game. It was work for Peyton, and he worked hard at it. With Eli, he’s just having fun out there.”

“Eli can recognize defenses and knows where the weaknesses are. He has studied football. He studies the opposition. He studies the defense. I just like to see him go out there and pick it to death. I think Eli probably knows more football than either his father or Peyton did at this time of their careers.”
Former Ole Miss head coach Johnny Vaught

“He’s got awareness of what’s going on around him. He’s kind of grown up throwing the football. He’s been around football all his life, and he knows the game.”
—Former Florida head coach Ron Zook

“He's unflappable and it's not phony. I'm sure it's his whole upbringing. Nothing bothers this kid.”
—Former Giants GM Ernie Acorsi

“I feel like he’s definitely in the top five.”
—Teammate Hakeem Nicks

“He gave me a killer wedgie once. Got me up against a wall on a golf trip. He had all the leverage. But it wasn't an atomic wedgie.”
—Peyton Manning

“Man. Eli threw a perfect ball.”
—Teammate Mario Manningham

“People mocked him earlier this year when he said he was an elite quarterback. And people challenged him. Well, go ahead and say that stuff now, and see how that goes. Talk about a guy who deserves it and, most important, earned it. There’s no other quarterback I’d want behind me”
—Teammate David Diehl

“Certainly Eli has had a great season. He made some great throws in the fourth quarter, and they deserved to win.”
—Patriots superstar Tom Brady

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