Manu Ginobili  

“I'm so happy, so proud, of being part of this great team. It's difficult to be happier than me.”

“I know my game. I know what I like to do.”

“You never know what will be expected of you, so you just go out and play.”

“It’s a different thing when you play on a team that has to win, that doesn’t consider it a good year unless you win the championship”

“Without playing in Europe, I’d never have made it here.”

“When you do something good, the Argentine people really attach themselves to you. They have so many problems back there that they’re looking for somebody to be proud of. I think about that, and I won’t forget it.”

“The fans in the United States, they are, well, more polite. The fans in Argentina can get, well, crazy.”

“Winning an NBA championship is the biggest thing that can happen professionally because it’s the top. But representing your country—with more than 30 million people cheering for you and then seeing you up there on the podium—it’s hard to find any more words to put on that.”

“I want to win championship. That’s the think I enjoy most.”

“I always loved basketball.”

“I learned how to play against players better than me.”

“I always played like this, unpredictable.”

“Once I step on the court in San Antonio, I feel the support in the air.”

“I have dreams inside of me, and I have a chance to make them true.”

“I just try to do what I do best, contribute to my team.”

“If I’m on the court, I have to do what I do best and that’s try to go hard to the basket.”

“Once you’re in the game, you forget about everything.”



Manu Ginobili, 2004 SP Authentic

Manu Ginobili, 2003 Tradition


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