“What Jimmie's been able to do will never be done again.”
—Dale Earnhardt Jr.

“Congratulations to Jimmie and his crew. They're great.”
—Ryan Newman

“Jimmie’s a heck of a talent.”
—Jeff Gordon

“We’re going to race each other really hard, but there’s that level of respect that’s always going to be there.”

“He’s been finishing ahead of me every year!”

“He’s like a freight train coming.”
—Tony Stewart

“Jimmie’s a great driver and he walked into a topnotch organization, and he’s made it all go.”
—Sterling Marlin

“I just think he’s got a great feel for the car.”
—Elliott Sadler

“Jimmie and Chad have great communication between them.”
—Matt Kenseth

“I think Jimmie is a great racer—he runs really smooth.”
—Racing legend AJ Foyt

“It’s neat to see Jimmie come through.”
—Racing owner Rick Hendrick

“Somebody has got to win it, and I'm glad it was us!”

“He’s going to be a great champion.”
—NASCAR chairman Brian France

“How do we beat those guys?”
—Carl Edwards

“We got beat by a true champion.”

“I knew the guy was talented, otherwise Jeff Gordon wouldn’t have approached him.”
—Crew chief Chad Knaus

“Jimmie has turned out to be a great race-car driver, he’s a great friend, and the feel he’s got for a race car right now is really, really good.”

“We want four. Why not? That's why we're here. We can definitely bid for four. Give me a reason why not.”

“Finally, finally, after being able to pull this off, he'll get the respect and the rewards that he deserves.”

“Jimmie just likes to go fast. That’s what drives him. That will never get boring for him.”
—Supercross Legend Rick Johnson

“His ability to stay calm amid the storm—and it indeed got stormy between the top two teams over the final three weeks—never ceases to be impressive. Throughout the Chase endgame, he never showed any outward sign of being anxious. In fact, he seemed to be enjoying it, even with all that was at stake.”
—Sportswriter David Caraviello

“He just thinks all the time about how to get better.”
—Jimmie’s wife Chandra


Jeff Gordon,
2003 Stock Car Racing



AJ Foyt, souvenir photo



Carl Edwards, 2004 Pass

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