Aaron Judge: Yankee Phenom
Just how extraordinary is Aaron Judge? Whatever the final verdict, it’s unlikely to come from a jury of his peers. That’s because no position player with his 6’7” 280 lb. body mass has ever played baseball at this level. The good-natured, gap-toothed right fielder put up historic numbers and had his own cheering section less than two months into his breakout 2017 season. Can a candy bar be far behind? This is his story

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Roy Halladay:
Exceptional On and Off the Field

If Cooperstown ever erected a statue to Work Ethic, it would look like Roy Halladay. Though he commanded multiple out pitches, it was his commitment to preparation and training—and his in-game patience and demeanor—that enabled him to win nearly 100 more games than he lost in a spectacular career. A winner of a Cy Young Award in each league, Roy always aimed for two things: a World Series championship and perfection. Though he fell achingly short of the former, he achieved the latter, and was also known for finishing what he started. Roy’s untimely death at the age of 40 robbed the sport of one of its most exceptional human beings, both on and off the field. This is his story…

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September 19


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